We all have our down days. Some days feel like they go on forever.

Sometimes it feels like ground-hog day and we feel pretty damn unfulfilled. Then the guilt creeps in and we beat ourselves up for feeling this way because we love our children, but we don’t get ‘everything we need’ by ‘just being a Mum.’

It’s okay – you can say it.
I have these days too.

The days when you feel disconnected from yourself, your partner, and pretty much everything.
The days when you can’t seem to pull yourself out of the brain fog. The exhaustion. The heaviness.
The days when you feel so much anxious energy charging through your body, you feel like what you really need is to throw a tantrum like a toddler and cry for approximately 5 days.

It’s okay.

Forgive yourself for being human. For having these thoughts. For feeling this way. It’s okay.

Allow yourself to flow with what is coming up for you, and breathe.

Cry. Scream. Reach out.

I see you, Mumma. You are not alone. You are magnificent.

You pick others up when you have nothing left. You pick others up when you can’t even pick yourself up.

The moment you decide to forgive yourself for not having all your shit together all the time, is the moment you are free. Flow with it.

It really is okay.
I’ve got you, Mumma.

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Do you ever have that feeling of emptiness inside you even though you’re in a house full of people, or sitting with your partner?

Me too.

Being alone doesn’t mean you don’t have people in your space.

It means you don’t have space for yourself.

Let me explain. Let’s drop deeper!

Sitting with the stirring feeling that there is something missing, is generally an indication that you have disconnected from who YOU truly are.

Recently, following a series of personal challenges, I had been feeling restless and sad. This uneasy feeling started showing up everywhere and I started doubting EVERYTHING.

I felt disconnected from my partner because when you’re already hurting you just want to look at the person who is ‘meant to get you more than anyone’ and say “FIX IT!”

How frustrating is it when they can’t!!??

I found myself getting frustrated over the smallest things in my relationship and little things became big things very quickly.

What did I do?

After a massive cry, I took a breath. Then went inward.

I gave myself permission to feel the way I felt and I let myself sit with this feeling.

Tears fell.

I put one hand on my heart and one on my belly.

I realised in that moment, that the connection and harmony I was craving (that I didn’t feel my partner ‘giving to me’) was up to me to give to myself.

It was up to me to show up in my relationship as the beautiful, divine goddess I know I am. I deserve that.

I do not need to wait for a man to ‘make me feel this way.’

Nor do I need a man to complete me – because I am already complete.

I felt a sense of power and harmony return to me, because I had taken my power back.

I was back.

My partner began to respond to my peaceful energy and the energy in our home shifted to what I feared had disappeared.

We booked a night away together and had the most phenomenal date night I could’ve hoped for! I fell in love with my man all over again – because I had fallen in love with me again.

He commented on my energy and said he felt a sense of inner peace and softness and that was beautiful.

It is so easy to put power into the way we ‘need’ others to make us feel and forget that we can do this for ourselves.

When we show up for ourselves internally – others show up for us externally.

If you’re feeling disconnected from your partner – book a date with yourself first!

If you’re feeling disconnected from yourself and you’re stuck on how to shift this – book a date with me! I can help.


If YOU don’t show up for yourself and DECIDE to make a shift – nobody else will.

Book your complimentary Support Session with me today. Show up for YOU!




Okay, let’s talk relationshit… Whoops! I’m mean RELATIONSHIPS! Or do I?

We all know that having a baby is exhausting and one area of your life this can affect is the relationship you have with your partner.
You’ve gone from being free and easy and only having to consider yourselves, to your relationship being triangulated by this little human demanding all your attention — which can leave one, or both of you feeling neglected. (And in some cases, resentful.)
Finding your feet in this new chapter you’ve entered when you’re sleep deprived and overwhelmed can be incredibly challenging and finding your way back to one another can seem impossible.

Communication really is key!

Talk to one another. Talk about how you’re feeling, what’s coming up for you and what you need.
When you have no energy to talk, a warm embrace is sometimes all you need. The act of physical touch is a powerful thing.


When we’re sleep-deprived, our minds can play tricks on us. You can be feeling a lot of negative “things” and the people we’re closest to are the ones we take it out on.
Before you REACT or LASH OUT — STOP, BREATHE, and ask yourself what you’re really feeling below what you’re about to say or react to. Sometimes all you really want to say to your partner is — “I MISS YOU.” So say it.
If you really are struggling and need support in ANY way — ASK! It’s okay not to be okay.




Every time I do or say something I think to myself, “What example am I setting for my son?”
I read a quote recently that resonated with me deeply:
“When little people are overwhelmed by big emotions, it’s our job to share our calm not join their chaos.”
~ L.R. Knost
Take a moment.
Ask for support.

Practice gratitude.

When you’re sleep deprived, overwhelmed and beyond exhausted, it’s very easy to let your emotions take over. It’s okay! We’re all human and it’s important for our kids to see this too… it’s how we repair after rupturing that will stick with them.




Becoming a Mother can be overwhelming. With SO much information available to us, this can be wonderfully supportive – and a little too much at the same time!

One thing I’ve learnt on this journey so far is that my intuition is usually spot on. Any time I have started to feel stressed, overwhelmed and out of my depth has actually been when I’ve listened to too much advice from others or based my parenting style on what me or my child “should/shouldn’t” be doing.
Don’t get me wrong, certain advice and support is imperative when it comes to parenting – it’s what we do with this advice and if it resonates well with us as parents that counts. (If it doesn’t resonate with you as a Mother, your child can feel your energy… remember that.)

This message is for all those new Mums out there “trying to get it right” –
My biggest breakthrough came when I surrendered to being present with my little guy and tuned in to my INtuition. Your intuition is strongest when you’re present and not overwhelmed with how you “should” be doing things. Do what feels right for you and your baby and let go of what you thought it might look like.

“Information is helpful. INtuition is key.”

Anchor to Presence

Anchor to Presence

Anchor to Presence

Becoming a parent is like shining a spotlight on all parts of yourself. It forces you to see where you crave control, love, acceptance, security and order, and it pulls you back into the present moment every time your thoughts or emotions start running away from you.

Remember those days when you woke up in the morning and thought, “today, I’m going to strip the bed, do the laundry, work on my business and exercise” and actually achieve all those things (or even one of them?!)… me neither!

Today I wanted to work on content for my website and get some housework done, however my little man has been a little unsettled… so today, I am still. I’m sitting in my rocking chair, typing this post with one hand, because this beautiful little guy simply wants his Mum.
One of my favourite quotes is “Are you having your thoughts, or are your thoughts having you?” (Amir Zoghi)

Whilst my conditioned adult mind races with thoughts such as “I don’t have time for this,” “I have so much to do,” this is frustrating & I need to get things done,” I choose to be still, thankful and grateful instead. This divine little being is my son and he is growing SO fast. This time with him as a baby doesn’t last long and today, he simply wants his Mum. That is beautiful.

I love you little man… and I am present with you.