Becoming a Mother can be overwhelming. With SO much information available to us, this can be wonderfully supportive – and a little too much at the same time!

One thing I’ve learnt on this journey so far is that my intuition is usually spot on. Any time I have started to feel stressed, overwhelmed and out of my depth has actually been when I’ve listened to too much advice from others or based my parenting style on what me or my child “should/shouldn’t” be doing.
Don’t get me wrong, certain advice and support is imperative when it comes to parenting – it’s what we do with this advice and if it resonates well with us as parents that counts. (If it doesn’t resonate with you as a Mother, your child can feel your energy… remember that.)

This message is for all those new Mums out there “trying to get it right” –
My biggest breakthrough came when I surrendered to being present with my little guy and tuned in to my INtuition. Your intuition is strongest when you’re present and not overwhelmed with how you “should” be doing things. Do what feels right for you and your baby and let go of what you thought it might look like.

“Information is helpful. INtuition is key.”