Okay, let’s talk relationshit… Whoops! I’m mean RELATIONSHIPS! Or do I?

We all know that having a baby is exhausting and one area of your life this can affect is the relationship you have with your partner.
You’ve gone from being free and easy and only having to consider yourselves, to your relationship being triangulated by this little human demanding all your attention — which can leave one, or both of you feeling neglected. (And in some cases, resentful.)
Finding your feet in this new chapter you’ve entered when you’re sleep deprived and overwhelmed can be incredibly challenging and finding your way back to one another can seem impossible.

Communication really is key!

Talk to one another. Talk about how you’re feeling, what’s coming up for you and what you need.
When you have no energy to talk, a warm embrace is sometimes all you need. The act of physical touch is a powerful thing.


When we’re sleep-deprived, our minds can play tricks on us. You can be feeling a lot of negative “things” and the people we’re closest to are the ones we take it out on.
Before you REACT or LASH OUT — STOP, BREATHE, and ask yourself what you’re really feeling below what you’re about to say or react to. Sometimes all you really want to say to your partner is — “I MISS YOU.” So say it.
If you really are struggling and need support in ANY way — ASK! It’s okay not to be okay.