Do you ever have that feeling of emptiness inside you even though you’re in a house full of people, or sitting with your partner?

Me too.

Being alone doesn’t mean you don’t have people in your space.

It means you don’t have space for yourself.

Let me explain. Let’s drop deeper!

Sitting with the stirring feeling that there is something missing, is generally an indication that you have disconnected from who YOU truly are.

Recently, following a series of personal challenges, I had been feeling restless and sad. This uneasy feeling started showing up everywhere and I started doubting EVERYTHING.

I felt disconnected from my partner because when you’re already hurting you just want to look at the person who is ‘meant to get you more than anyone’ and say “FIX IT!”

How frustrating is it when they can’t!!??

I found myself getting frustrated over the smallest things in my relationship and little things became big things very quickly.

What did I do?

After a massive cry, I took a breath. Then went inward.

I gave myself permission to feel the way I felt and I let myself sit with this feeling.

Tears fell.

I put one hand on my heart and one on my belly.

I realised in that moment, that the connection and harmony I was craving (that I didn’t feel my partner ‘giving to me’) was up to me to give to myself.

It was up to me to show up in my relationship as the beautiful, divine goddess I know I am. I deserve that.

I do not need to wait for a man to ‘make me feel this way.’

Nor do I need a man to complete me – because I am already complete.

I felt a sense of power and harmony return to me, because I had taken my power back.

I was back.

My partner began to respond to my peaceful energy and the energy in our home shifted to what I feared had disappeared.

We booked a night away together and had the most phenomenal date night I could’ve hoped for! I fell in love with my man all over again – because I had fallen in love with me again.

He commented on my energy and said he felt a sense of inner peace and softness and that was beautiful.

It is so easy to put power into the way we ‘need’ others to make us feel and forget that we can do this for ourselves.

When we show up for ourselves internally – others show up for us externally.

If you’re feeling disconnected from your partner – book a date with yourself first!

If you’re feeling disconnected from yourself and you’re stuck on how to shift this – book a date with me! I can help.


If YOU don’t show up for yourself and DECIDE to make a shift – nobody else will.

Book your complimentary Support Session with me today. Show up for YOU!