I help Mum’s go from stressed to blessed.


HOW can I help you become your BEST SELF?

Based on tried and tested methods, as well as my own and other Mumma’s personal experiences and breakthroughs, I have packaged up the most valuable tools to support you to:
  • Navigate your way through your own personal Motherhood journey and find your joy.
  • Create and adjust to your evolving identity as you flow through each stage of Motherhood.
  • Identify unconscious patterns, limiting beliefs and wounds that no longer serve you. (Let go of generational wounds and belief systems you do not wish to carry, or pass onto your children.)
  • Stay present & quieten the noise around you about the kind of Mother you “should be.”
  • Manage the stress and overwhelm you feel as you try to manage home, work & family life.
  • Reconnect with your partner and/or nurture your personal relationships. (Most importantly, nurture your relationship with yourself!)
  • Show up as the best version of yourself to create a harmonious home environment.
Doing this work will help you stay present, patient and to persevere as a Mum, and help you find yourself through the chaos you may be feeling.

WHY I’m passionate about supporting MUM’S

I’m passionate about supporting Mum’s to create long term change and feel a sense of harmony within themselves. (Resulting in harmony within their home and family life. HAPPY MUM = HAPPY PARTNER AND CHILDREN!)

Being a Mother is one of the most exhausting, yet exhilarating journeys a woman can embark upon. From the moment you find out you are growing a life inside you, you change forever. In the midst of feeling the deepest love and joy you can imagine, you can also feel incredibly overwhelmed. I have felt it all at different times. I have also felt it all at once!

I have felt anxious.

I have felt exhausted.
I have felt terrified.
I have felt beaten.
I have felt baffled as to how I’m supposed to balance my career, home, relationships, finances, health, as well as being a Mum to my son.

What is life supposed to look like and how am I supposed to juggle all of this?

When I first became a Mum and connected with other new Mums, I discovered I wasn’t alone. All our heads were spinning with questions like:

  • How do I breakdown all the information coming my way about being a Mum and decide what is right for me and my baby?
  • How do I navigate my way through all the emotion that’s coming up for me?
  • Is it possible to feel fulfilled, valued and nurtured when my whole focus is on trying to make everyone else feel these things?
  • Can I achieve this thing called ‘balance?’
  • How do I stay connected to my partner? Will becoming a parent change our relationship?
  • Am I really allowed to take a moment to focus on what I need?


As months and years go on and our children grow, we face a new set of challenges at every turn and it is imperative that we have a support network and community we can turn to, to navigate our way through life as a Mumma.

  • We need support to manage the Mum guilt. Yes – it is REAL!
  • We need tools to nurture our emotional, mental and physical health.
  • We need to learn how to effectively fill our own cup, because we can’t pour from an empty one. (And sometimes we can feel like the cup goes missing completely!)
Mum’s need support emotionally, mentally & physically and ladies – I AM HERE to support YOU!
As a Mum, Food & Nutrition Coach, Life Coach and NLP Practitioner, I use a holistic approach to coach and mentor women to strip back the layers and go deeper than the band-aid ‘surface’ stuff.


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I have created an online community which has been created just for Mum’s – MYnd CENTRE for Mumma’s
*If you’re a Dad who would also like to connect to a supportive community of conscious parents, here’s one for you: Parenting with Presence

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