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MYnd GYM for Mums

Empowering Mums to SURVIVE and THRIVE in LIFE and MOTHERHOOD!

PROGRAM START DATE: 25th May *12wk program (casual sessions offered. Come to 1, or all 12!)

Do you want to know how to SURVIVE and THRIVE in life and Motherhood?

‘MYnd GYM for Mums’ is my brand new, pioneer program that offers you an opportunity to learn proven, valuable tools and techniques to support you through your personal Motherhood journey – mentally, physically and emotionally.

You will learn various tools and techniques that teach you:

  • How to manage stress, anxiety and overwhelm
  • How to enhance your energy levels
  • How to regain your sense of self and purpose

…and much more!

This program has been designed as a 12wk program (1 x 1hr session p/wk, broken into 2 x 6wk Terms to align with school
holidays), and will be run in partnership with Kindygym Australia at Pittwater Sports Centre in Narrabeen, starting next week!

**Options available to attend every session, or book casual sessions that suit and/or resonate with you based on topic on the day and availability. CHILDCARE OFFERED ALSO!

Whether you attend all sessions or some, you receive powerful content and techniques that will help you thrive as a Mum, but most importantly – as the powerhouse woman you KNOW YOU ARE!

My clients say that following our sessions they walk away feeling calmer and more content within themselves. Imagine what a whole program could do for you and the energy in your home.


Call 02 9913 7421 or email
*If you would like to secure your spot and you’re already a Kids Sport on the Beaches member, please head over to or

Questions about the program and/or its content?

Email me directly on if you have any questions regarding the program and/or its content.


Past Events

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