About me

I am a certified Life Coach, Food & Nutrition Coach, Mentor, Speaker and NLP Practitioner who is fiercely passionate about supporting and mentoring women!

WHY, you ask?

Throughout my teens and twenties, I faced many challenges that affected my mental, physical and emotional health and there were countless times that I felt NOBODY could help me!

Chronic pain, chronic insomnia, severe digestive issues, chronic fatigue and endometriosis were among the list of “issues” I was facing. Visiting Doctor after Doctor, (spending over $11,000 in 12mths at one point!) with very little improvement in any area led me down a rabbit hole of too many pain killers, other medications to “help the symptoms,” bad lifestyle choices (self medicating, excess drinking and emotional eating) attracting toxic relationships and feeling incredibly distressed about my situation.

What I was going through affected my health, my relationships, my career, my finances and my emotions and I was beyond frustrated that it seemed SO HARD to find the help I needed.

I intuitively felt there were answers to what was going on internally for me and I was determined to find them!

I started sharing my experiences with friends, colleagues and family members and discovered that I was not alone. SO MANY WOMEN struggle with their physical, mental and emotional health and finding the right help can be not only overwhelming, it can seem impossible, so I went on a mission to find some answers.

My mission connected me with some phenomenal mentors, Holistic Doctors, Nutritionists, Coaches and other therapists who helped me understand that working on my emotions and mindset could help my body, AND working on my body could help my emotions and mindset.

It took a lot of work, determination and commitment, but it was worth every moment. I invested time and money into working with the right experts to develop new habits, new ways of thinking and slowly but surely I started sleeping better, losing weight, feeling less anxious, seeing my skin clear up, attracting new opportunities and positive relationships, needing less medications & pain killers and the list goes on! I started feeling ALIVE!

When I started this journey feeling buried in pain, I genuinely wasn’t sure if it was possible to shift my suffering and live a different life. I thought I would always be one of those women “looking for something” and that I would never feel content, energised or connected to ME. I found out that with the right commitment and support IT IS POSSIBLE!

This does not mean that life all of a sudden becomes EASY. What is does mean is that doing this work will help you flow with whatever comes your way and allows you to RESPOND rather than REACTING. You see, it really is all connected – your MIND, BODY and EMOTIONS. Shifting your mindset and emotional state can literally change your wellbeing on many levels. I am living proof!

I am incredibly grateful for the challenges I faced and I feel very blessed to have found such knowledgeable experts who not only helped me change my life for the better in EVERY WAY, they inspired me to find a career path that allows me to help other women navigate their way through their personal mental, physical and emotional journeys through Coaching and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and connecting them with other experts when required.

Ladies, the message is this:
  • There ARE answers out there for you – you just have to connect with the right people to help you find them.
  • You DO DESERVE the support you are craving.
  • It IS POSSIBLE to feel content, energised and fulfilled within yourself.
What support do you need? It’s okay to ask.

What do my clients say?

“Beth has truly changed my life. She has magically provided me with the tools and strength to begin changing my mindset, to help me find my “calm within the chaos”. She has mentored me through the most challenging year of my life – the juggle of motherhood, career, and relationships (plus all the bits in between). Her energy, patience and guidance has filled me with so much positivity and reassurance. Each and everyday I find myself thinking “what would Beth suggest I do in this situation”, “what tool could I use to help me get through this” – which is just the best! I feel incredibly lucky to have found Beth to mentor me through the challenges life throws at me.”

Tash, Sydney

“Thank you for today’s session lovely. Really glad I made the time for myself and to show up for me. Especially in the craziness of the world atm. Showing up for myself is allowing me to be more present with the kids.”

Ash, Sydney

“You really helped me to feel like I’m not the only one experiencing these things and normalise what we all go through in Motherhood. Thank you again, Beth! xx”

Sue, Newcastle

“Beth is an amazing coach/mentor. Professional, easy to talk to, caring, an amazing soul but most of all you get results with her. I’ve had some major breakthroughs with Beth and now I’m living my best life without fear. I recommend her highly!”

Alexia, Melbourne

“I started having life coaching with Beth, after a difficult start to the year. I love Beth’s approach to coaching and her friendly nature.
She taught me many different techniques to move forward and focus on getting closer to my goals. I always look forward to coaching with Beth. It was an extremely positive experience and look forward to working with her in the future.”

Lee, Sydney

“I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, but thought I’d give ‘Coaching, or whatever it’s called’ a go. I had nothing to lose as I was stuck in some kind of “rut”.
After the initial consultation, I walked away knowing that this is out of my comfort zone but I felt it was definitely something I’d benefit from.
Walking away from some sessions, I didn’t quite ‘get it’ but I felt it resonated on some level and I allowed myself time to process. Then all of a sudden I would have a “penny dropping” moment….which was sometimes a week or so after a session! It was the best decision I made to see Beth and go through this process.”

Yvette, Sydney

Beth Lewis