Becoming a parent is challenging on many levels and one of the main challenges is finding time for yourself and/or your relationship with your partner.

SO many parents I know struggle with this. How do we find those little moments for ourselves – no matter how big or small they may be.

One thing I love to do for myself is give my baby his last feed on my rocking chair in a dimly lit room, with gentle piano music playing. I take this time to breathe and focus on 3 things I have gratitude for from the day. It’s amazing how something so simple can soothe your soul.

When it comes to my partner, I find presence is key. Take time to turn off the TV and put your phones down and connect. Even if it’s only a few minutes, it’s important to connect with no distractions and tell each other what you appreciate about one another.

Sending love and light to you all and remember — you can’t pour from an empty cup, so fill your cup every chance you get… even if it’s a drop at a time.