2018 was quite a challenging year for me in regards to my health and I’ve been working very hard on rebuilding my immune system and fitness levels.
Following surgery for endometriosis last year, my immune system seemed to be non-existent which resulted in a few bouts of nasty viruses leaving me feeling exhausted, rundown and sick of being sick!
I feel drawn to share this journey with you as I know we all have our own challenges in different areas of our lives. Nurturing yourself from the inside out is the key!
Here is my commitment for February 2019:
  • no alcohol
  • no dairy
  • no coffee
  • alkaline diet
  • whole grains only
I have a few injuries and live with chronic pain, so easing myself into a great routine is important! I will be doing one of the following activities every day, (as well as stretching and mobility):
  • yoga
  • mat pilates / pilates reformer
  • minimum 30min walk with my pups
I vow to follow this plan, even on the days I don’t want to.
I love myself enough to give myself this gift.
Let’s do this!