Anchor to Presence


Becoming a parent is like shining a spotlight on all parts of yourself. It forces you to see where you crave control, love, acceptance, security and order, and it pulls you back into the present moment every time your thoughts or emotions start running away from you.

Remember those days when you woke up in the morning and thought, “today, I’m going to strip the bed, do the laundry, work on my business and exercise” and actually achieve all those things (or even one of them?!)… me neither!

Today I wanted to work on content for my website and get some housework done, however my little man has been a little unsettled… so today, I am still. I’m sitting in my rocking chair, typing this post with one hand, because this beautiful little guy simply wants his Mum.
One of my favourite quotes is “Are you having your thoughts, or are your thoughts having you?” (Amir Zoghi)

Whilst my conditioned adult mind races with thoughts such as “I don’t have time for this,” “I have so much to do,” this is frustrating & I need to get things done,” I choose to be still, thankful and grateful instead. This divine little being is my son and he is growing SO fast. This time with him as a baby doesn’t last long and today, he simply wants his Mum. That is beautiful.

I love you little man… and I am present with you.