Passion and Purpose


People talk a lot these days about finding their passion and purpose, and many feel immense pressure to do so. Is my life complete if I haven’t found this thing called “purpose?” What is it anyway?
Your passion and purpose is not necessarily what you DO, nor does it relate to $$! You simply find something you LOVE and DO THAT!
Ask yourself:
  • What sets your soul on fire?
  • What are you doing when you feel calm, peaceful, alive, content etc?
  • Most importantly, ask yourself “What do I LOVE to do?” The most important part of this question is “What do I!” How many of you are on someone else’s goal plan, or living a life you feel you “should” be living because it was the “right path” to choose based on belief systems someone else instilled into you? Did you ever make a CHOICE?
If you’re simply floating on the surface of your life and you’re feeling unsure that this mystical thing called FULFILLMENT actually exists – I’m telling you it does… and the answer is within you. Are you willing to go deeper? Your passion is waiting for you. You already have and are everything you’re craving.
“We lose ourselves in what we think is important in life till we realise feeling alive is all that is truly important.”
~ Jamie Gonzalez