Breastfeeding is a journey!


I don’t need to explain to any parent how sleep deprivation feels, as anyone who has nursed a newborn baby knows exactly what I’m talking about!

When I first started breastfeeding, my flow wasn’t fast enough and I was using nipple shields to try and help with the pain, however this resulted in my poor little guy sucking so hard that he pulled my entire nipple up the shield and ended up with blisters on his tongue from the friction! He wasn’t putting on weight and we were both in pain when he was trying to feed which was incredibly distressing for us both.

Due to this, I had to learn how to get him to latch on without the shields, push past the pain and do whatever I could to increase my flow. It’s been quite a journey but my little man is thriving and I love the beautiful experience of feeding him. My only issue is that until now, he has been 100% on the breast and isn’t really enjoying taking a bottle which makes it pretty much impossible for me to get any proper rest. (I feel we’re getting there, but it will take some time.)

Being 100% responsible for his feeds is incredibly demanding and today, I am beyond exhausted. My whole body hurts, I feel sick and my eyes are burning.

This post is for all the Mum’s out there who are absolutely shattered, but keep going for the sake of their little ones. Putting our own needs aside to make sure our children are loved, healthy and safe. Some days we simply need someone to tell us that it’s okay to be emotionally, mentally and physically drained. Sometimes we need to fall apart and have a good cry.

It’s okay that we simply can’t do it all. It’s okay to take a moment for you.

To all the Dad’s / loved ones

If you see your partner or a Mum you know “having a moment,” I can pretty much guarantee that all she needs is for you to notice, stop what you’re doing, put your arms around her and say: “Sweetheart, you’re doing a great job. I love and appreciate you.”

And the Mumma’s… take a big deep breath and remind yourself that it’s okay not to be okay. And most importantly — it’s okay to ask for help! Give your partner or a loved one the chance to hold space for you while you say everything you feel you “shouldn’t.” It really is okay.